Alu Markom Com d.o.o is a company founded in 2008. The original activity of the company was the production of ALU and PVC joinery. However, as the society developed for years, now the company’s primary activity is the production of steel structures, the construction of demountable halls and the construction of residential and commercial buildings.

For years, the company achieved positive results, and thanks to them, Alu
Mark reached 29 employees. Their goal is to recruit and train new employees every year while continuously providing employees with the possibility of continuous improvement.

With the rapid and high quality construction of steel structures, the company broke into the European Union market and created the possibility of opening a representative office in Croatia. Because of the high demand for products, Alu Mark Com doo registered a branch in Osijek to be able to work more easily with partners in the European Union market..

The result of communication and cooperation with the European Union are solar billboards that are a novelty in the business of large companies, and at the same time a sustainable form of advertising. With this, we can characterize Alu Markom’s project that supports and implements the distribution of solar billboards as a sustainable future project that will surely find its place in a modern and sustainable way of propaganda companies, and maybe even wider because it uses solely solar energy for its functioning.

Alu Markom Com d.o.o, the entire management system is based on the requirements of ISO and EN standards. The company, with its quality policy, expresses the tendency towards the maximum satisfaction of customers. Great attention is paid to the requirements of customers and the company bases its business on fulfilling it.

Today, the company has a very diverse range of products of superior quality. The proper selection of raw material suppliers and the procurement of exclusively raw materials of proven quality, their constant supervision in warehousing capacities and regular control result in the outstanding quality of the end product. The placement of its products is performed by the company in its retail, as well as by direct cooperation with companies and public companies through tenders.

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